Global Tots Preschool adopts the GT Thematic Integrated Programme with a vision to maximise every child’s potential. Our holistically designed curriculum builds on children’s inquisitive minds to make meaningful connections across the 6 learning areas;

  • Language & Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Aesthetics & Creative Expression
  • Naturalistic
  • Motor skills
  • Moral education

Acquisition of concepts are made enjoyable through a wide array of hands-on activities, games, songs, story-telling sessions, science experiments, cookery, art jamming sessions and nature walks.

A highlight of our curriculum comprises of our Project Approach which provides opportunities for children to build on their natural curiosity, explore topics of interest, construct knowledge, problem solve, reflect and execute findings systematically in different phases.

Our exceptional Bilingual Immersion Programme strongly focuses on the importance of Chinese Language and its distinct culture. Mandarin is consciously infused daily during lessons to make learning seamless. Children from a young age are exposed to the use of Chinese language effectively to cultivate love and appreciation.

Children are curious learners who are our focus. Global Tot’s unique 5 cornerstones surrounding each child nurtures all aspects of their development:

  • Holistic Education
  • Outdoor Experiences
  • Safety & Well-being
  • Nurturing Teachers
  • Partnership with Families
We promise that the children are our focus,
and parents are our partners

Holistic Education

Children acquire knowledge best through adventures and explorations. Global Tots’ holistic education with an emphasis on Project Approach ensures children develop a lifelong desire and love for learning.

Our Primary 1 Readiness Programme prepares our graduating children for the change in school environment, relationships and routine, ensuring a head start for the future. Our extensive exposure to early reading programmes, Phonics, and Mathematics assures a smooth transition for our children into Primary school/ International School, and beyond. Our Moral Education emphasizes on every child’s character development, inculcating values such as gratitude, respect, perseverance and teamwork, that shapes each child to become a positive global citizen of the future.

Outdoor Experiences

Learning in the outdoors allows endless investigation and appreciation of the natural surroundings. Children develop a variety of skills that prepare them not only for the classroom but also for life. Our preschools are blessed with lush outdoor spaces where children enjoy meaningful and fun outdoor experiences, including the all-time-favourite trampoline. Our children enjoy outdoor play and learning on a daily basis, if weather permits. We organise field trips and excursions in each term for children to reinforce their learning concepts outside the classroom, at the same time, helping them to become more connected to the community around them.

Nurturing Teachers

Our professional and well-qualified team of teachers plays a vital role in providing a conducive learning environment and sustaining meaningful interactions with the children. They interact and engage children in real-life settings and developmental activities to help children build strong foundations for future successes.

Global Tots believes in the continuous professional development of our teachers, to further enhance their professional competencies and hone their skill sets. Our mentorship structure ensures that our teachers are continuously supported and guided by experienced seniors.

Partnership with Families


Parental involvement helps extend teaching outside the classroom, creates a more positive experience for children. At Global Tots, we provide opportunities for parents to be a part of the children’s learning journey through active home-school collaborations. We encourage parents to participate actively in our centre events, and to support their children in the take-home projects and home-based learning.