About Us

Global Tots Childcare Preschool in Singapore

At Global Tots Preschool, our mission is to Maximise Every Child’s Potential.

Our professional educators work closely with parents to ensure your child’s VITAL years in preschool are filled with FUN in a SAFE and NURTURING environment, for a HOLISTIC development of the child. We create a second home environment for the little ones so that every child’s learning takes place in a warm and comforting setting.

We engage parents through regular communications on the child’s development, fostering strong home-school partnership to bring out the very best in each child.

Our flagship campus located at Jalan Hitam Manis, opposite the Holland Village enclave, occupies two bungalows. Our children enjoy spacious outdoor play area that includes a traffic park, trampoline pad, playgrounds and a water-play station filled with assorted equipment. We also bring classroom learning (such as painting) to the outdoors, allowing each child to connect to nature.

We operate 5 preschools in Singapore, offering our integrated holistic programme to benefit children from 2 months to 6 years old.

We promise that the children are our focus,
and parents are our partners


To be the partner that every parent seeks through a child’s VITAL development years.


Maximise Every Child’s Potential for success in their holistic developments, through experiential learning.


Every child is unique. We support every child’s holistic learning and development in a fun and nurturing environment; that provides character building, passion for life-long learning, individual achievements and intercultural understanding with strong parent-partnership.

Core Values