Global Tots Preschool Singapore

At Global Tots Preschool, our mission is to Maximise Every Child’s Potential.

Our professional educators work closely with parents to ensure your child’s VITAL years in preschool are filled with FUN in a SAFE and NURTURING environment, for a HOLISTIC development of your child. We create a second home environment for the little ones so that every child’s learning takes place in a warm and comforting setting.

Every child is extraordinary

Every child is gifted with his or her own uniqueness. At Global Tots Preschool, we seek to recognise and nurture individual child’s strengths, and discover each child’s potential and talents. Our inquiry-based approach provides various opportunities for every child to be an independent and confident learner with a keen interest in making discoveries.

Create & Innovate

We offer a comprehensive and well-balanced programme for a child’s holistic development.  Children learn best through play and discovery. Our thematic integrated curriculum offers opportunities for children to create and innovate in their process of learning, nurturing them to be inquisitive lifelong learners.

Moments at School

On a typical day in Global Tots Preschool, our professional educators and children are engaged in a variety of purposeful activities – whether in classrooms or in our spacious outdoor areas. The positive relationships between our educators and children provide a setting for warm and enriching interactions, allowing children to feel secured and to learn in a fun and enjoyable way.

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On your visit, our friendly and experienced Centre Leaders will be glad to show you around the school and to share with you more about our programme approach. We prefer to meet up with parents on an individual basis, for quality interaction and to answer your specific concerns about your child.

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