Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 1
Gu Jun & Jiamin (Parents of Gu Yuetian)

Our son, Yuetian, has been with Global Tots since he was 3 years old. Over the past three years, we have observed great improvement in his behaviour and knowledge. He has grown to be a confident, inquisitive and positive young boy.
We really like the teaching philosophy and curriculum developed by teachers. Children gain new knowledge through games, science experiments, nature walks and outdoor play. And almost every term, there is a field trip relating to the current learning topic which is a great chance for the children to explore. Yuetian has been sharing with us what he has learned in school every day because he just loves it.
Teachers are very caring and patient too. They are so cheerful in the morning to receive the children, which really light up our day.
The school also established good communication channels like communication book, sms, email and a new apps in which we can keep track on our children’s learning progress and receive frequent updates of our son’s precious moments and also half yearly reports, school has been very considerate on the parent’s concern, not to mention a lot of family bonding activities to attend every year.
Yuetian really enjoys learning and playing in Global Tots and we are happy when he is happy.
Thanks to all teachers and staff in Global Tots.

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 2
Desy (Parent of Isaac)

I have only one son and want to give the best to him and he is still so young! Choosing the right preschool cum childcare is a big challenge for me. Must be near my house, must have ample space for kid to play and run about, must feel secure and at ease with Teachers and school staff. For me, childcare is like a second home for my son because he will spend most of the time there. As I am also a working mom, I don’t have so much time to teach him at home, what I want to do is spend quality time with him at home… then finally, I found Global Tots Preschool! The teachers are committed and they have passion with kids. My son is able to be independent, writes and speaks properly, able to read and also his teachers play a big part when he had to wean off his milk bottle and diapers. Global Tots teachers and staff have done really a great work beyond what they have to do. The Principal is also always contactable and keeps the parent updated with what is going on at school. Thank you is not good enough as a gratitude to Global Tots Team! I am happy to share my own experiences with other Parents as I believe every Parent want to give all the best to their kids. Keep it up Global Tots!!

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 3
Antonino & Valentina (Parents of Emma & Tommaso Musumeci)

Over the years, Global Tots has become one of the most respected institutions in the highly competitive market of kids preschool education; I think that is the natural outcome when professional management meets education “missionaries” and together partner with parents in their ambition to create a better tomorrow through next generation.

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 4
Eunice & Wayne (Parents of Alden Lim)

We chose Global Tots for their focus on giving kids their outdoor play and a good mix of academic work. We believe play is important for kids of this age. School teachers and Principal are supportive and communicate closely with Parents, which is very important and appreciated. Alden was only Mandarin speaking when he joined the school. With the right support and environment, he became fluent in English within a short span of 1-2 months. He was shy and did not mix well with other children before, we are glad to see that he has developed to be more of an interactive child who plays well and shares with his peers. We are happy to have chosen Global Tots. Keep up the good work!

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 5
Ravn Birger Christensen (Parents of Finn & Amy)

We have had 2 children at Global Tots and can only give our highest recommendations of this place. The school is so well run all the way from management to the teacher level. From the moment you walk through the gates, you are met with smiles and it seems like every single teacher knows the names of every single child. The atmosphere is great and calm which contributes to the well-being of the children.
Our daughter was in Global Tots from the age of 2-4 and she matured tremendously. She joined as quite a shy child, but left with more confidence and abilities before going to International School. This development we truly feel was because of all the great learning and constant attention that she got in Global Tots.
Our son has loved Global Tots from Day One. The teachers are so attentive and they manage to find the perfect balance between structure and fun, learning and play. He is always happy when we drop him off and when we pick him up again which we see as a true testament to the strength of the school.
Our warmest recommendations go to Global Tots Holland.

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 6
James and Greta (Parents of Stanley Michael Cheah)

We are really pleased at the level of care our son has been getting at Global Tots. He joined at 4 months old and apart from the understandable separation anxiety in the first week, it has been an absolutely joy to see him thrive. Stanley looks forward to being with his friends and we can see the delightful development in him. It really helps to be socializing at such a young age as he has learnt how to walk rather quickly too! Water play has got to be one of his favourite activities and he literally flings himself out of our arms when the inflatable water pool is within sight. The teachers are warm, friendly and caring plus they all have a great connection with him. One of the best things about the school is the sense of community we get with the teachers, parents and the children. The outdoor space is also fantastic and they plan lots of interesting activities for the children. I could not think of a better place for our son to spend his preschool years in and have recommended friends to get their children involved with Global Tots! Thank you, Global Tots for paving the way for our son to blossom and grow.

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 7
Lisa & Harm (Parents of Henry & Hily)

Dear Global Tots Team, We would like to thank you for always taking wonderful care of our children and for making our time in Singapore so beloved and rewarding.

Over two years you accompanied Henry and Hily during the important stages of infant, playgroup and nursery. All of you are doing a great job and our kids were looking forward to going to school every morning to play with their loved teachers and best friends. They always enjoyed their school day and had a lot of fun. At the same time you have also taught them many valuable skills for their future. Thank you!

Furthermore we had the pleasure to join many of your awesome and always perfectly well organised events where we had a great time, such as Aloha Fiesta (thanks to the photographer for the wonderful family shot above), Carnival, MTV Awards Concert, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, boat trips, farm visits and many many more. Thank you!

You have contributed in many more ways than the ones mentioned above and we will truly miss you!

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 8
Mr & Mrs Agarwal (Parents of Shanaya)

We sent our only daughter Shanaya to Global Tots@ Mountbatten when she was 21 months old and like every Parent, we were unsure of how she would cope with “School” at such a tender age. All our concerns disappeared soon when she took such a liking to school that on weekends, she was disappointed that the school was closed. Also, her learning, manners, language skills and ability to interact with others improved remarkably and we had no hesitation in putting her in full day in less than 6 months of her starting out. Global Tots has been a blessing and almost like an extended home for us where all the teachers and staff are extremely gentle and very meticulous in their approach to making the experience for your child a wonderful one. Thank you Global Tots.

Camille Lebrun (Parent of Arthur and Baptiste Lebrun)

Warm thank you to Global Tots for making school such a great place for our two boys Arthur (3.5 years) and Baptiste (0.5 year). Both brothers are having a lot of fun while learning across all fields. School activities are always educative, recreational and well designed, enabling our children to develop their potential with enthusiasm and confidence. Special thanks to the friendly team of dedicated and caring teachers, staffs and management! We are very satisfied and can only recommend parents to entrust Global Tots with the care of their little loved ones!

Eva Tan (Parent of Andrew Ling)

As first time parents looking for infant care, we visited a large number of sites before Andrew was even born! But honestly, unless you have experience with babies you won’t know what to look out for. We had settled on a “first choice” but when Andrew was 8 months and we visited again, we had second thoughts! Very fortunately we found Global Tots close to our home and it had vacancies! We never looked anywhere else after Andrew came back cheerily the very first day. The infant care teachers are really sweet n attentive. We can really see they care about the babies and give such good detailed feedback to my hubby n I when we pick him up. It’s good to hear how good, or naughty, he has been that day. I’m so glad that Andrew’s with them at global tots. We feel assured that Andrew is in good hands while we are at work. Thank you Global Tots!

Dave & Cheryl Ahern (Parents of Liam Ahern)

Liam has been with Global Tots since he was 4.5 months old and we have seen him develop into a happy, positive toddler. It is very heartwarming to see the teachers taking such great care of him and allowing him to thrive at his own pace. Over the past year, they have grown to become our ‘extended family’ of sorts, giving us much needed peace of mind whenever we drop him off at school for the day. We would like to thank all the teachers at Global Tots for consistently providing a cheerful and happy environment in which our child can learn, grow and thrive.

Keep up the good work!

Beatrice Moser (Parent of Kenneth, Gavin and Dylan Moser)

Our three boys really enjoy going to Global Tots@Holland. For them, it’s all about playing, meeting their friends and doing special things such as cookery or crafts. At the same time, they learn so much and I am amazed at what my 5- and 3- year old can already do with letters and numbers. The teachers are very caring, cheerful and knowledgeable. It’s just the perfect school for them!

Low Mei Foong (Parent of Zhenkai and Zhenyang)

I was looking for infant care and was thrilled to find Global Tots in our neighbourhood. At the beginning, I thought the air-conditioned infant care was perfect for Zhenkai who sweats a lot. Now that he has gone on to child care, I appreciate that he is able to enjoy the outdoors within a safe, enclosed area that is still large enough for him to run about with other children. I can tell that his teachers are wonderful – from the number of times he tells me about them and what they do! And of course, he keeps showing off his learning in his understanding and speech. Also, I find that Global Tots places an emphasis on parent communication. The email newsletters are useful and a timely resource as our helper packs their bags so I very often miss out on the hardcopy newsletters . And I really appreciate the effort put into the class newsletters, besides frequent updates in the communication booklet – I love seeing how the boy spends his time in school and browsing pictures of him in action.

Sabina (Parent of Jul)

Our son Jul went to Global Tots infant care when he was 15 months old and was transferred to their playgroup when he turned 18 months. To be honest, we chose Global Tots because of the proximity to our house in the first place. But then we got to know their concept and their staff and are so grateful that Jul can go to this child care centre every day. The staff is very caring, is looking after his needs and so we pick up a very happy and satisfied child every day. He thoroughly enjoys playing with children of his age in a friendly atmosphere and he loves all the activities. I would like to emphasize the outdoor activities outdoor play and water play, as they are so important to kids of his age. Jul also loves the morning circle with all the songs and he is even singing them by himself at home in the afternoon. That´s all kids of his age need – and as a bonus they get English and Mandarin classes as well as other academic contents, in an intensity that doesn´t overwhelm them.

Global Tots Preschool Testimonial from Parents 9
Eunice Tan (Parent of George Lew)

George has been with Global Tots Infant Care since he was 3 months old. I was given the option to accompany him in school for the first 3 days. During that time, I observed how the teachers handle the babies, and was assured to leave George in their good hands. The teachers will also provide timely updates of George’s development. They shared my woes when George doesn’t drink and sleep well, and shared my happiness when he has new developments, crawling etc. Teachers in school call him “Georgie”, which he always respond with a smile. This further assured me that the teachers have been paying attention to him, and he is enjoying himself in school. I would like to thank the teachers for their effort and dedication.